20080613 - So there you are...enlightened...

I've just written a new post on my blog. This is part
2 of something I started in my last post, something
very esoteric — a description of what are called The
Five Ranks of Tozan, a 7th century Zen master.

The Five Ranks are stages of enlightenment, and
in the first part (my last post) I described the first
three Ranks. In this second part, I describe the
Fourth and Fifth Ranks.

This is something VERY few people know about.
It's a glimpse into an esoteric world few people
ever see or experience. I think you will find it to be

And, I'd love to have you post your feedback after
you read it.

So, to read or listen to this short post, just click here:

So, there you are, enlightened…

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